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Car Accident (poem)

I saw a biker get hit a little

by a red car scooting forwards

as it tried to park.

It jostled his wheel. In reaction,

the kid on the bike swung his arm down

to swat the car on the hood, like a fly

and with the same hand give it the finger.

He had a mane of dark seal-like hair

and a face blank even in anger. Inside the car

I couldn't see who it was, but they drove for Uber.

One minute later I stopped time

and began to roll it back, inch by inch

like turning a crank to raise an old car's window.

I undid the air they had moved aside.

I grabbed the spokes of the bike wheel in my hands

and turned them hand over hand; back, back

so it went in reverse.

I manually reset

the delicate Rube Goldberg machines

that had moved within their human bodies.

I repositioned an ant

that had been running blindly from the sudden *thwack*.

I lifted the arm that had swung down

and I undid the jostle.

The biker and the driver stood

in the still air again.

My heart relaxed.

I rejoiced in my power.